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Coastal Cleanup at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, October 2013

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Four-folds of SERVICE

Service to the Fraternity

Service to the Campus

Service to the Community

Service to the Nation

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28th National Biennial Convention

May 21 to 24, 2015

Macias Sports Complex

Dumaguete City

Hosted by APONOAA/Gamma

Be a Leader!

Alpha Phi Omega develops leaders. As we grow, we seek qualities of leadership, and throughout our lives, we pursue the development of those qualities and the development of other ‘well-rounding’ qualities. Through our leadership development program, we are able to develop ourselves. And, as we aspire to greater things in life, we become aware of limiting factors which we can’t control — the external forces that shape our destiny — until we control and develop what we have inside of us. We discover our own talents and strive to better our skills. We study, we learn, we practice.

Be a Friend!

Brotherhood is the spirit of friendship. It implies respect, honesty and dependability. It means that we overlook differences and emphasize similarities as we join together in unselfish service. It means listening to Brothers whose views on issues might differ from our own. It means working closely with people whom under other circumstances we might not choose as our friends.

Be of Service!

Our Chapters service program provides many opportunities for the development of social awareness, friendships and leadership skills. Alpha Phi Omega has a four-fold service program:

1. Service to the Fraternity
2. Service to the University
3. Service to the Community, and
4. Service to the Nation.

Participation in our service program helps make Alpha Phi Omega the unique fraternal organization that it is.